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Matilda and McGeiver are expecting a litter of puppies around
the first week of September for puppies that can go home around the second
week of November. 

Puppies will be liver and white. 

Update: Puppies born September 1 and into September 2

Scroll down for puppy photos.
Scroll down more for "Matilda's Diary"


Shamrock Ms. Waltzing Matilda O'Darcy O'Dyflan, "Matilda"
AKC# SR67804803

Sire: Shamrock Aneleh Dillon O'Dyflan
Dam: Marmion's Happy Landings




(McGeiver and Matilda)

Love Sensation Avendesora Poland (Poland), "McGeiver"
AKC# 88969701

Sire: HDA C.I.E Goldmoore's Gold Dreamer, S19454/2008
 Gordius Genuine Gold Tiamant Avendesora Poland, PKR.VIII-27306



Matilda's Diary

August 31, 2018

No news yet. 


September 1, 2018

It's 3:30 AM

Matilda climbed on top of me while I was sleeping
 to wake me up.

Her temperature is down!

 Which means puppies later today sometime, most likely. 

September 1, 2018

10 AM
Waiting for Puppies

Puppy Number 1

September 1, 2018 (The first boy)

5:50 PM

Puppy Number 2

September 1, 2018 (The second boy)

6:16 PM

Puppy Number 3

September 1, 2018 (The third boy)

6:37 PM

Puppy Number 4

September 1, 2018

7:39 PM    (The first girl)

Puppy Number 5

September 1, 2018 (The fourth boy)

9:07 PM

Puppy Number 6

September 1, 2018 (The fifth boy)

9:50 PM

Puppy Number 7

September 2, 2018

12:06 AM (The second girl)

September 2, 2018

7:11 AM

Matilda has finally gotten the puppies squared away to her satisfaction, 
and she is now sleeping for the first time since her labor started. 


September 2, 2018

Seven puppies. Five boys and two girls.
It's been a long two days, starting with Matilda waking me up in labor
early Saturday morning, twice, at 1:30 AM then again at 3:30 AM.

Puppies started arriving Saturday evening and her labor 
continued into Sunday morning. 

Puppies all look good. Actually. They look very good.
All well-fed looking. Matilda did a good job.
They look more like 2 day old puppies than newborns.
Well-padded, you might say.  
Matilda looks just right herself. 

And now, I am going to try to get some sleep as well.
I'll be on the couch right next to the whelping box. 


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