Ida and McGeiver Puppies


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Puppies have arrived

Dec 22, 2019

The first puppy arrived just after midnight, at 12:26 this morning,

The last puppy arrived at 4:00 AM

There are 8 puppies. Three girls and five boys, 
I've been up all night helping Ida whelp her puppies.
No sleep for me yet. 
The pups are still learning how to navigate their new world.
Where Mom is. Where the warm spot is. And so on.
I stay awake, right with them, until they get life figured out. 



Dec 23, 2019
One Day Old

The Girls
The Boys

As the puppies grow, the darker areas will grow a bit in size,
and the white areas will shrink a bit.


Dec 24, 2019
Two Days Old.
Nap Time
Puppies are all plumping up.
Momma is feeding them well. 


Christmas Morning
December 25, 2019
Three Days Old



(Christmas Card painted by my granddaughter, Hazel)




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