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2020/2021 Puppies



Ida and Mcgeiver will be having a litter in 

Due to circumstances beyond my control, 
the timing of Ida's litter has now been moved to the Summer of 2021.

The original plan was to breed Ida in October,
2020, for puppies to arrive around Christmas, just like last year. 

Plans have now been moved out 6 months. 
The plan now is to breed Ida on her Spring heat, for puppies that can go home in the Summer of 2021.

I will be contacting everyone personally who have been asked to be added to Ida's waiting list. 

For folks who were counting on a puppy this Winter, there are two girls scheduled to come here for a visit to one of our boys.
I would be happy to give you a referral, if you would like.

One girl is located in New York. She is scheduled to be bred to McGeiver.
She should be coming in season any time now. Puppies will be liver and white.

One girl is located in Connecticut. She is scheduled to be bred to Remington. She should be coming is season sometime in January. Some puppies will be liver and white, some will be liver tri's. 


Please also note that I have added a new contact e-mail.

I have used the yahoo address on this website for so long, that I am now getting about 40 advertisements to one personal e-mail. 


Photos of Ida and
McGeiver's 2019 litter are at the links below.  

Ida and McGeiver's litter arrived
 December 22, 2019

Five boys and Three girls.

In the European tradition, puppies
kept their natural tails. 

Puppy Photos are HERE

Please visit IDA'S BLOG to view photos of her 2019 litter.

Photos of Ida are on the Girls page and 
 Ida's page. 

Photos of McGeiver are on the Boys page

Both Ida and McGeiver have their AKC paperwork, and their puppies will be registered with the AKC, (American Kennel Club).

Both dogs are OFA'd and CERF'd.
Both dogs tested DNA negative for Cord 1. 

Photos of Ida are on the Girls page and 
 Ida's page. 

Photos of McGeiver are on the Boys page

Info on Ida's parents 

Info on McGeiver's parents


Puppy Photos

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