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One of the questions I get asked frequently is, how long have I been involved with Springers.
The answer is, since I was born.

This is me (the toddler, center). And, our family's first Springer.

Our second Springer came to us when I was 10 years old. At the time, we were living on a farm in Connecticut. One day, a young Springer showed up at our door, obviously quite lost.
She was a pretty black and white girl, probably around 18 months or so, very sweet. We thought perhaps someone had been out hunting with her, and she had wandered off and gotten herself lost.

We never did find her owner, though we tried, and so she became part of our family.

My third Springer, and my first as an adult, was "Gunny", formally known as Donnington Distant Gunfire.
Gunny was bred by Ken and Laura Robie, of the Snowspring-Donnington kennel. 

Donnington Distant Gunfire
Gunny passed away in 2006.
Age 14 years 3 months.
He is sadly missed.

Gunny lives on in his son "George", in his grandson "Baron", and in his many other grandchildren.

Then "Buffy" came into our lives.
Buffy, known formally as Willowbank Aneleh's Clarinet, came to us from  Julia Merriman and the Willowbank kennel in Rhode Island. Buffy was my "cuddle dog". Always to be found nestled around me somehow whenever I was relaxing on the couch. Buffy has also passed away, but she left behind her daughter, "Tina". Sometimes I forget myself, and I call Tina "Buffy". They are so similar.

Willowbank's Clarinet
Buffy has also passed away.
I miss her very much.

Then we had our own litter. And Triton was born. 

Aneleh's Triton
(Triton has now passed away, at age almost 15).

And that is how it all began. 


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