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Remington-WillowPuppy.jpg (404540 bytes)

A Remington/Willow puppy

at home in Pennsylvania

Remington-BellaPuppy.jpg (203416 bytes)

A Remington/Bella puppy

at home in Connecticut


Roxy and Maggie
Daughters of "Wave", Aneleh's Light Wave
Doing what they love
Roxie is owned by Laura Rudman and Julie Merriman
Maggie is owned by Laura Rudman and Kim Arpin

"Georgia" at Fitchburg, MA
March 16, 2008
Georgia is a daughter of Aneleh's Gunnerson, also known as "George"
Owned by Maura A. Doyle 
Chris Johnson Brown/Handler

Doodle (Darcy) is a daughter of Aneleh's Triton
Owned by Maura A. Doyle
Stacey Carver/Jr. Handler

"Jack" at home in New Hampshire.

Jack is a son of Cleavehill Mark Twain...."Lee"

"Ben" at home in Pennsylvania

Ben is a son of "George" and "Aida"

"Finn" on vacation at the Cape

Finn is also a son of George and Aida. 

"Emma" and friend. Emma is a daughter of
George and Aida.

"Abbey", another daughter of George and Aida. 

"Finn" at Christmas 2008, a son of George and Aida

"Ben" at Christmas, a son of George and Aida

"Charlie" and "Tucker", sons of "Hans" and "Jazz"

"Charlie" and "Schoko", two "Hans" kids

"Jazz", a daughter of "Tina" and "Triton"

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